Casey Goodson

Owner of Twin Cuts Barbershop

At the tender age of 12 thee were 2 things I knew for sure.

  1.  I wanted to own a barbershop
  2. I wanted to name it Twin Cuts

Growing up in a small town, barbering was an intrical part of my life. In 2011, my vision for Twin Cuts Barbershop was birthed.  Community service & customer service are our top priorities.

Carey Goodson

Owner of Twin Cuts Barbershop

Born and raised in the good life city of Albany Ga, my interest in barbering and early entrepreneurial spirit is more 20 yrs old! I was able to hon my skills at no cost due to me having a twin brother who I could use as my guiny pig. After going of to college at fort state university, and unable to get home to my regular barber every weekend, it was there where i discovered my true passion for barbering. That passion led me to American professional Institute where I obtained my master barber license. While completing my barber license course I was propositioned with the opportunity to not only receive my master barber instructor license but also a job teaching at the same school I attended. Then in 2011 Twin Cuts barbershop was established. Through many years of patience, dedication, and hard work, we have been able to service our community in many ways and we look forward to continuing that trend!